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About Us

Rasa d.o.o. (also known as RASA Ltd) proudly serves as the foundational company behind the innovative GEARSKIN™ product line. Situated within the European Union, specifically in Croatia, we’ve been on an incredible journey of growth and innovation over the past six years. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has driven us to invest significant resources – time, energy, financial support, knowledge, and meticulous care – into enhancing our services and product offerings. We’re dedicated to ensuring that the science and engineering underpinning our products attain the highest levels of excellence achievable.

At the core of our daily operations lies a relentless pursuit of excellence. We wholeheartedly engage in Research and Development activities and embrace design challenges to consistently create top-tier products. Our approach is underpinned by a deep respect for our valued clients and partners, and we are strong advocates of ethical business practices. We cherish the cultivation of long-lasting, fair-play relationships with our retailers and customers as a core value.

To sustain our vision and mission, we are committed to perpetual renewal through continuous education, embracing the latest technologies and industry trends, and adopting best business practices. Our journey began with a humble offering of just eight products, but our relentless pursuit of innovation, exemplified by advancements like laser cutting and Near Infrared studies, has catapulted us to a portfolio of over 200 products.

These technological strides have not only expanded our product range but have also revolutionized the camouflage sector. Our products offer end customers a premium user experience while maximizing effectiveness. We are resolute in our commitment to continue along this trajectory, driven by the incredible support of our dedicated core customer base who invest in and benefit from our products.

At Rasa d.o.o., we’re not just a company; we’re a commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine the standards of the camouflage and concealment industry.

Our primary mission is to empower our customers with superior quality DIY solutions, allowing them to personalize, conceal, and protect their gear and lives. To achieve this mission, we maintain an aggressive, proactive Research and Development program, securing our position as leaders in delivering top-tier DIY gear camouflage and concealment solutions.

We envision a world where every heartbeat can make a difference, and GEARSKIN™ can provide the advantage needed to achieve that difference.

OUR SLOGAN: Create your own solutions



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