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Sometimes, after a longer period of application some adhesive residue might occur, but do not worry it's easy to clean it using GEARSKIN™ scrapes, or the piece of GEARSKIN™ cloth you have just removed. In the following example we show how you can simply "pick up" any residue from any surface in a few minutes.

1. locate the residue

2. Rub it a bit with your finger to soften it

3. Apply a stripe of GEARSKIN™ over the residue, and again, give it a little rub just to make sure it grips

4. Lift/peel off and watch the magic happen, repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until surface is clean.

That's it, here is what it looks like, also check the video on the end of this article.

Also check out the video on how to clean any potential residue.

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