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What is camouflage?

Why do we need one, and why do we need it to be as efficient as possible? Let's start with camouflage basics.

Camouflage is in its essence an art of using various colorations, materials and shapes, shadows and light in order to break out the contour of the object or human and blend in with the natural environment. We all know that.
But what makes the camouflage efficient?

The right choice of pattern and color would be the most common answer, and that is true. You can't take arid camo and expect to blend in jungle environment. Providing you chose an appropriate pattern, what do you want to avoid? Light.
So, another important factor is light reflection. What influences the light reflection? Material surface. Let's observe some most common materials in the MIL/LE gear industry - plastic (ABS) or other polymers, metal, coated metal, etc... Even by observing those materials under any consumer magnifier you can see the surface is usually grooved, patterned but each micro surface reflects light in one direction. Scale that on a larger surface - you get the glare.

How do we camouflage gear?

- One way is to apply the spray paint, but by doing so you just add an extra layer to those micro flat surfaces and still you get a significant amount of reflection.
- With water transfer you do get a nice camo pattern but you also just add an extra layer that reflects the light. (and the price tag is quite high)
- Tapes are somewhat a good solution as long as they are not cheap duct tapes, but the downside is a repeated pattern and edges that are not too resistant to constant tear an wear so they might start peeling off eventually, there is also a moist and water problem. Water always finds its way and it may impact the adhesive.

At this point GEARSKIN™ jumps in solving multiple problems. At first, fabric has really low index of reflection thus it makes it ideal to cover and camouflage your gear. You can tailor your own piece for your own specific use, dimension or problem. Covering your gear with GEARSKIN™ will protect it as our product is water/oil/acid repellant. By using top tech military specifications CORDURA® fabrics we guarantee the best protection and concealment of your gear in all visible and near infrared light spectrum.
GEARSKIN™ clearly offers a whole new array of possibilities and of course it is entirely on the user to decide how and where to use it.

Why covering your gear with textile?

Our conclusion is that camouflage is a real art of adapting to natural environment, mimesis your surroundings and be as efficient as possible on that, so take GEARSKIN™ try it out, apply it in the comfort of your own home, enjoy the benefits when on the field. You can buy it in our webshop- - your ultimative camo selection

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