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Gearskin™ featured in FRAGOUT magazine

Gearskin™ are Croatian-designed and made "stickers" in all the colors and camouflage patterns you can ever imagine. Sticker might be the wrong word, because usually this things are pretty fragile and prone to damage, but it should give you an idea about the product. Each sheet (or pre-cut shape) has two layers: outer with color/pattern and inner with patented adhesive. What is the purpose of GEARSKIN™? Camouflage of gear and weapons, patching gear and uniforms, improving grip on the guns and tools, etc. GEARSKIN™ comes in different sizes (you can cut them as you want) and laser pre-cut shapes too. Patches are NIR compliant, water - , oil - and acid-resistant, reduce shining and are stretch enough to stick to the irregularly shaped items. No problems with putting these on guns as they are heat resistant too. Slow curing adhesive has some extra grip when cured.

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