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Introducing GEARSKIN™: Your Ultimate Self-Adhesive Fabric Solution


GEARSKIN™, an innovative self-adhesive fabric, sets the gold standard in meeting stringent military requirements, making it the most versatile high-tech fabric available globally. With GEARSKIN™, users can tailor solutions to meet their unique needs.

Years of R&D for Unmatched Performance

Over two intensive years of testing, GEARSKIN™ has continuously improved its attributes through rigorous lab experiments, robust field trials, and extreme stress testing. The wealth of precise data collected during this period has steered GEARSKIN™ toward innovation, resulting in an extraordinary self-adhesive fabric with virtually boundless applications. While its primary function is to protect and camouflage firearms and military equipment, its outstanding qualities make it ideal for various purposes.

Crafted in Europe with Unmatched Expertise

Our product is meticulously designed and manufactured in Europe, leveraging top-tier ingredients, cutting-edge technology, and a wealth of knowledge. Production occurs in a facility with a remarkable 140-year tradition in the textile industry, employing over 300 skilled professionals. This facility’s expertise in producing specialized fabrics and materials has served clients in the military, law enforcement, oil industry, railways, healthcare, and more. All fabrics used in GEARSKIN™ production are Öeko-test certified, guaranteeing eco-friendliness and human safety.

Features That Redefine Performance

GEARSKIN™ adapts seamlessly to curves, adheres to diverse surfaces, and thrives in a range of field conditions. Key characteristics include water, oil, and acid repellency, anti-soil treatment, and resistance to wear and creasing. Notably, GEARSKIN™ eliminates equipment flare, making it ideal for daily use and boasts excellent NIR (night vision) properties, enhancing IR camouflage.

Materials of the Highest Standards

Our flagship GEARSKIN™ products are crafted using military-grade materials, ensuring peak performance across an array of applications, including sports, hobbies, law enforcement, outdoor activities, decor, protection, upholstery, medicine, clothing, and more. GEARSKIN™ primarily utilizes high-end Polyamide-Cotton fabric (Cordura®) and Nylon-Cotton fabric.

SMART Adhesive™: Versatile and Reliable

The SMART Adhesive™ component of GEARSKIN™ plays a pivotal role in its application, offering flexibility and versatility. Characterized by strong initial adhesion and gradual curing, users can apply GEARSKIN™ temporarily, remove it, and save it for reuse. Alternatively, leaving it on allows the adhesive to mature, providing a long-term solution for equipment protection and camouflage.

User-Friendly Experience

Users will appreciate the adhesive’s tactile strength and ease of removal without leaving residues. For permanent applications, simply leave the fabric in place, allowing the adhesive to gain a stronger grip over time. If any stickiness persists after prolonged use, it can be easily cleaned with edible oil or a piece of cloth, as demonstrated in our video gallery.

Certified for Safety and Sustainability

GEARSKIN™ is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II certified, tested for harmful substances, and safe for human skin contact. It adheres to all environmental standards, ensuring both safety and sustainability.

Proven Strength and Resilience

Notable tests have demonstrated GEARSKIN™’s exceptional strength, withstanding loads of up to 125 kilograms over a 5 cm strip. It also exhibits high-temperature resistance, enduring temperatures exceeding 700° C and retaining its properties even after cooling. While we have conducted extensive testing, we recommend users perform their tests to maximize product utilization.

Awards and Achievements

In 2015, GEARSKIN™ garnered acclaim as one of the best innovative concepts out of 660 entries spanning various niches, from software to medicine, in a competition hosted by ZABA, UniCredit Group. Later that year, RONIN TACTICAL introduced GEARSKIN™ to special forces operatives in Iraq and Afghanistan, receiving their enthusiastic endorsement. Ultimately, our most prized achievement is the 100% positive feedback received from beta testers, reviewers, and users, motivating us to continually enhance the product, develop new features, expand camouflage patterns, and provide you with the ultimate competitive advantage.