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One of the most important and relevant trade fairs IWA 2016 took place in Germany, Nüremberg - dates 04. March - 07. March. GEARSKIN™ was of course on board. During the few days stay we have had a numerous scheduled meetings that will significantly influence the GEARSKIN™ future and development.

The trip to Nüremberg was smooth but very exhausting (about 8 hours drive) and a bit of a rollercoaster when trying to get on the right track - side of the road - our hotel is placed. What a trip would it be if it haven't had any adventures. Things of course did come into place and we managed to attend our first scheduled meeting with Redwolf Airsoft, and couple of other distributors including Gunfire where you should be able to order GEARSKIN™ very soon too.

The trade show itself was no less than spectacular, showing many innovations, awesome gear, guns and ammo. Competent guys such as AMNB will report on the novelties for the upcoming months, we will try to keep the read short so we will just announce new camouflage patterns such as PenCott, A-Tacs and we hope a long awaited Kryptek in GEARSKIN™ self adhesive form. We also might introduce some new additional patterns to our fans, but since the negotiations are under way at this point we will stick to the mentioned patterns.

Our personal impression of the show is that it has been really well organized, lots of great things to see, a true eye candy to all gun and camo lovers. (as seen in the photo gallery below). We must admit, except awesome trade show, Germany has a lot to offer when it comes to good beer, and tasty food. It will take us weeks to get back in shape and burn off all the calories.

In the end, we were very happy to be able to meet some really true heroes of business, military and journalism. Hereby we would like to thank AMNB guys for a great afternoon, Bill Pryce and Lawrence Holsworth for that refreshing conversation, the general manager of Combat Airsoft Group and former operative Smudge - you changed us.

It took us a while to drop a word on this trade show, but we prioritized and did all the follow ups as soon as we arrived back home. All we can say is hope to see you next year.

Check out the FPV gallery, as well as visit our web shop and get yourself a piece of our awesome camouflage solution.

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