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GEARSKIN™ is the most versatile self adhesive camouflage fabric available on the world wide market. Meeting the highest military and production standards we guarantee our users a high performance solution for a widespread use.

Here we bring you top reasons why you should use GEARSKIN™

1. Unfair advantage – by using the best camouflage solution available you will for sure have the unfair advantage on the field

2. Glare / flash elimination – while most of the surfaces reflect light / sunlight fabric surface doesn’t, therefore the best way to eliminate the gear glare is to cover it with GEARSKIN™

3. IR camouflage – all our camouflage patterns and fabrics have great NIR properties making the product ideal to conceal your gear in IR light spectrum. Your gear will be camouflaged when observed by Night vision optics solving a real problem of the night combat conditions.

4. Scratch protecting your gear – GEARSKIN™ uses only the best fabrics and materials (CORDURA®), and the best possible production methods making the product very resiliant to abrasions (tested up to 10000 abrasion cycles). Protects your gear form any usual field mechanical damage

5. Liquid protection – all GEARSKIN™ products are water / oil / acid repellant

6. Improves gear grip – many users know when the gear gets greasy or wet it is slippery, GEARSKIN™ can significantly improve the grip since fabric has alot higher friction properties that is cruicial when it comes to grip quality

7. Widespread use – beside the camouflage use our product offers a whole new array of possible applications. It can be used as a quick fix, decoration, customization projects, DIY projects,

8. Creating your own solutions – a personalized solution for any customers need. Just cut, peel and apply.

9. Slow adhesive curing, strong initial grip – on the short term application you can easily reuse GEARSKIN™ while on the long run you can rely on it’s super adhesive quality.

10. Oeko-tex certified – all components in our product are Oeko tex standard 100 (class II) certified, safe for human skin, environmentally friendly production

11. RIP-STOP and TWILL weave – a lightweight and durable solutions. Extremely strong materials.

12. Camouflage is awesome – so anything + camo = awesome.

13. Grips to various types of surfaces – wood, plastics, metal, coatings, rubber, styro, wallpaint, you name it, we tested it. Smooth or rugged surfaces, GEARSKIN™ will stick to it. We do advise users to test out the surface before use.

14. Simply better way to camouflage gear – no pattern repetition, no seams, no odors, can be done in the comfort of your own home, check out the graphics showing the difference between camo tape and GEARSKIN™