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GEARSKIN™ battle field tested!

Not so long ago, our respected friend and supporter was really kind and connected us with Ronin Tactics, it would take us an entire day to thank them for taking our product, to go out and test it on the field. For those who are not familiar with RONIN TACTICS we quote few of their lines describing themselves ensuring their expertise i significant: "Ronin Tactics leverages former Special Operations operators that are exceptionally qualified in Marksmanship, Direct Action, Personnel Recovery, Security, Executive Protection, Reconnaissance, Trauma Medicine and other Special Operations capabilities. Our driven instructors continue to push for the next evolution in weapons handling and tactics as well as providing the experience needed to seek out and develop equipment for the modern tactical industry."

With great honor i quote what those professionals and operatives said about our product:

"Take a moment to checkout Gearskin. I have tried out this product for some time now and it works great. Gearskin is a high performance adhesive fabric that bonds to any weapon or Kydex surface. In the past, I have used bowflage paint to spray on my holsters and weapon to better blend into my operational environments. Two months ago, I was able to get my hands on a few Gearskin fabric. (Multicam, Multicam Arid and Black) I given a few to my teammates to try overseas and I started running it myself. As with anything, I run my gear through it paces. I can tell you that Gearskin is amazing. The product bonds to my weapon without pilling off. It also acts as a water repellent while giving me a cordura texture which breaks up any shine that a metal or Kydex surface my give off. The feed back from the guys overseas is amazing. Their operating in some of the harshest conditions imaginable and Gearskin is holding up to the task. So if your looking to wrap your kydex or weapon with a high performance fabric.. checkout Gearskin. You will not be disappointed."


To summarize, the product was tested by themselves and their comrades on the field overseas (some of them incl. 1st-SFOD-D, 1st SFOD-A, 10th Special Forces Group, SWAT, etc.). The feedback was great and we are really excited that we will be able to provide them our great products in the future.

Ronin tactical takes their real field operative experience to produce battle efficient equipment, check out their site

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