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Self-adhesive camouflage fabric from Ivan Karol from Prelog conquers the world!

Self-adhesive camouflage fabric from Ivan Karol from Prelog conquers the world!

The CEO of RASA ltd, Ivan Karol from Prelog has developed the GEARSKIN™ project and is the only one in the world to produce self-adhesive camouflage cloth, which is mainly used by the military.

It is a self-adhesive material that the military can use on any piece of equipment, but it is equally applicable to hobbyists, such as those who play paintball. His company is the only company in the world to offer such a product and method of camouflage military equipment in a safe, certified way with top quality and is the fastest way to apply effective camouflage, writes emedimurje portal .

Karol emphasizes the importance of partners.

" These are Chatex companies, Sestan Busch and hopefully soon HS Product. With their support, the community of providers of military equipment of the Republic of Croatia provides us with support. Out of Croatia, we have many business partners, most important to us are ActInBlack Luxembourg companies, RedWolf Hong Kong, there are several large German companies with whom we develop accessories for Bundeswehr military equipment, and companies from the United States, with the help of which we are making an increasing breakthrough on this extremely important market, "he says.
They are completely oriented to the foreign market, export 90 percent of the products and have a sales network of distributors on all inhabited continents. Consumers of their products are hobbyists, war players, members of the French Special Unit, the British Sniper School, the German Bundeswehr, the Croatian Police and various branches of the US Army. They are also used by DELTA FORCE, one of the most elite units in the US Army.

Of the 28 products last year, the company has more than 130 today.

"Fixed plans in today's dynamic business environment are not completely reliable. Very soon, your plan will cry out for revision at the very first hurdle, which means lost time. Start working and thinking fluidly, identifying your niche trends, knowing where you are today versus where you want to be, and moving on. Your vision and your stubborn dedication are enough , Karol advises, adding, "it's difficult to predict tomorrow in a business ecosystem like today's, so I'm not trying to be a Nostradamus myself. Enjoying the moment without burden and getting the most out of it is the best plan, ”concludes Ivan Karol.

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