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Self-adhesive fabric as a form of camouflage art

Self-adhesive fabric as camouflage art

STARTUP & YOUR STORIES 13.5.2015.22: 01

Ivan Karol's products are available in various formats that allow customization of material to a specific problem

GEARSKIN is a self-adhesive fabric resistant to dust, dirt and infrared rays.

In the daily contact with the textile industry over the past four years, I have witnessed the remarkable progress and development of textile characteristics and was convinced that the potential of such traditional material would come to the fore once.

Camouflage art has always appealed to me, and the idea literally flew in the blink of an eye to offer fabric in surfaces with excellent special-purpose features in self-adhesive as an alternative to existing solutions (spray, dipping, wrap) to allow the user maximum manipulation of the solution, "says Young innovator Ivan Karol The product form itself is a self-adhesive fabric in a variety of formats (most commonly A3 and A4) that offer users the ability to customize materials to a specific problem or simply give a wider hand in creative expression. fabrics CORDURA while in the Craftskin line is 100% cotton.

Some of the most important features of GEARSKIN fabric are water and oil repellent, dust and dirt and infrared resistance, as well as tear and tear resistance and crease resistance. GEARSKIN also holds Öeko-Tex certificates, which means that it does not pollute the environment and is harmless if it comes in contact with the human body. As Karol points out, GEARSKIN is glued to almost all surfaces, making it suitable for various applications and even as a raw material in the further production of military accessories.

The Medskin medical program offers additional properties, so they are antibacterial, flame resistant and 100% impermeable. "The interest in GEARSKIN is extremely high. We interact with customers every day and create a retail network that now reaches over a dozen countries, while individual customer interest comes from all over the world. With the manipulation of the surface, constituent and functional properties of fabric and adhesives, we have our hands fully open to further product development and markets and applications that we did not even mention in this talk, some of them are the auto industry, furniture industry, design, electronics and interiors, "says Karol.

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