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The Croatian innovation which delighted the military industry

The Croatian idea delighted the military industry

The CEO of RASA ltd company, Ivan Karol, developed an innovative idea that he combined in the GEARSKIN project. It is a production of self-adhesive camouflage fabric used mainly by the military.

CROATIA Klara Špančić October 27, 2018 3:17 PM
Klara Špančić

The idea of Ivan Karol in the competition organized by Zagrebačka banka was one of three winning starups because it offered the solution for camouflage so far the only one in the world. Starting a business was a logical sequence for this product to be commercialized and monetized.

It is a self-adhesive material that the military can use on any piece of its equipment. Gearskin is the only company in the world to offer such a product and method of camouflage military equipment in a safe, certified manner with superior quality and is the fastest way to apply effective camouflage.

The company  exports almost 90 percent of its products abroad and sells it through a sales network of distributors located on all inhabited continents.

The innovative idea of ​​self-adhesive camouflage tape from the very beginning of product development has attracted public attention. 

- Consumers of our product range from hobbyists, military simulation players, to special units of France, sniper school of Great Britain, German Bundeswehr, Croatian police and various branches of the United States Army. We are particularly proud to say that our product is used by one of the most elite units in the US Army, DELTA FORCE- said Carol.

The company cooperates with numerous companies in Croatia such as MTEK, Šestan Busch and soon HS Produkt. Outside Croatia, it has acquired many business partners, most notably ActInBlack Luxembourg, RedWolf Hong Kong, and several large German companies with which Karol's company develops accessories for Bundeswehr military equipment.

Today, his company has more than 130 products, and just a year ago it had 28. There are no prescriptions for success, says Karol.

- I can summarize my story into this: eyewitnesses and renunciations in almost every aspect of life. Also, fixed plans in today's dynamic business environment are not completely reliable. Very soon, your plan will cry out for revision at the very first hurdle, which means lost time. Start working and thinking fluidly, identifying your niche trends, knowing where you are today versus where you want to be, and moving on. Your vision and your stubborn dedication are enough, ”Carol concludes.

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