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We are extremely happy to see satisfied customers and GEARSKIN™ users, especially after such a patient wait and quick order. This is a simple reminder of how easy and straight forward is to use and apply our product and how gear camouflage has never been so easy and efficient

In this camo project our user applied GEARSKIN™ to his Esee 6 sheath, Kydex FNX45 holster and the Blackhawk magazine holder. We couldn't decide which one is cooler - photos or his skills and application. Well balanced, careful and intelligent engineering made his items look like a million dollars. This might as well be a camouflage tutorial and inspiration for you our dear users.

Please take a bow and check out the comment and gallery below. Priceless. Thank you DELTA SIX NINE.

"Today i did some stuff with Gearskin. First of all i want to thank for their excellent customer support. Very friendly service and fast handling of my order.

Gearskin was easy to apply, easy to rearrange or reapply.
Comtours can be worked out with ease.

Just check the pictures on my recent work with Gearskin.
I can fully recommend the product and the service from

Today i did work on my Esee 6 sheath, my Kydex FNX45 holster and on the Blackhawk mag holder.

I will do some more wrapping with it in the future, f.e. my gopro housing needs some coverage, think gearskin will do a good job on it.

For the full features of the fabric go check their homepage"

Now that you've seen this awesome camo project we are sure you want to get your sheet of GEARSKIN™ so we dare you to visit our web shop and order ASAP.

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