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Using GEARSKIN™ repair patch

One to rule them all

As much as we always try, we sometimes get stuck in bushes, have some pieces of clothing punctured, maybe have a hole on a tent. And there you are, all out in the wild, and the breeze just goes through that hole in your pants tickling your cajones. 

Unless you brought a stitching package, thread, needle, piece of cloth... You might be facing a spreading tear on your clothes, rain drops through your tent. Even with the stitching kit, you would never be able to create a waterproof repair as any needle puncture would just pour droplets through.

Here is a GEARSKIN™ lazzer series repair kit. Weight only a few grams it can be such a game changer. You can finally throw away all these sewing kits from your survival pack because if you stay long enough and watch the video, there are hundreds of ways you can apply the self adhesive patch. The one that is actually water tight, and will hold on for quite a long time. Some of the patches we tested have been on another fabric for few years, then dipped into sea water, none of them fell away. Even washed in a washing machine, nothing. They still work.

How does it work?

It's simple, all you need is to apply some heat and a bit of pressure. Heat can be created by friction, sun, fire, chemical food ration heater... so, while you are cooking yourself a cup of wild tea, MRE, you can pick up some heat using stone, pot, put the piece close to fire and rub it, you should be good to go. At home the best way is to use an usual home iron. With a bit of rubbing using your fingers, you just press the adhesive into micro pores of base material making it stick better to base fabric. That's it.

These little repair patches are a perfect match to any EDC pack you might have with you all the time, survival kit, uniform pocket, camping gear. Just having a pack of these is handy. 

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Stay safe!

Your GEARSKIN™ team.

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