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Year of accomplishments and 2017. business plans

GEARSKIN™ year 2016. accomplishments, 2017. business plans and R&D future plans.

Continuing to provide superior self adhesive camouflage solution.

2016. a year when we changed the game by launching GEARSKIN™ self adhesive camouflage sheet fabrics

In FEB 2016 GEARSKIN™ has launched it's first full production product batch as well as web shop. It did not take too much time for users to recognize the product quality and widespread application. In the first quarter the demand exceeded our business plans by almost 500% so the first batch of GEARSKIN™ was too low to to last until scheduled second batch date. We were forced to postpone distribution to many good quality retailers to whom we thank for the patience and humbly hope that the second batch will fulfill their needs.

Within 3 months we sold out more than 50% of our product stocks. At that point it was logical business decision to re-consider the corporation path and future development plans. So we did it, regrouped, analyzed and made critical business decisions while most attractive goods were sold out. According to the market demand ee re-scheduled new production batch and decided to include some of the most popular camouflage patterns as well as include new product dimensions, expand our team, attract new investments and take the entire innovative camouflage concept to a whole new level.

2016. decisions and cooperations

One of the primary focal points was to decide and collect new camouflage patterns such as MULTICAM® Original, Tropic, Arid and Black, Pencott® camouflage, ATACS® and few non military product lines. Great news for the German market is we will be including Flecktarn 5color and Flectarn desert.

During the 2016. we partially distributed our time to execute extensive testing of Near Infra Red GEARSKIN™ impact. Cooperating with the company ACTinBlack we managed to develop world's first GEARSKIN™ laser pre-cut parts to camouflage their innovative night vision devices.

Scaling a business is not easy, especially when it comes to an innovation or a bootstrapped startup company. Currently we are expecting positive news from EU funding projects that will enable us to increase industrial production capacity, offer pre-cut pieces, product novelties including incremental innovations. Overall, we are planning on scaling up huge within 2017.

Year 2016. clarified some goals and solved major market questions giving us clear vision on how things will develop in the future. We are continuing with a stronger attitude, market fit and passion in the manufacturing a revolutionary self adhesive camouflage solution. Entire GEARSKIN™ sparked a fire at attracting investors and in 2017 we are preparing some very positive corporate and production news.

2017. summarized announcements

* Introducing at least 10 new camouflage patterns

* New technology and products (using laser cutting technology)

* New strategic infrastructure investments

* Expanding our team

* LAUNCHING NEW WEBSITE - our primary care is user experience and safe shopping

* Preorders and reservations will start immediately

* New product dimensions

* Expanding the base of retailers and wholesale B2B customers

We are looking forward to what this year will bring, as well as cooperating with new media and reviewers and do our best to offer our customers and retailer network the best possible product and service.


Founded in 2014. after 2 years of research and development company Rasa ltd launched it's first self adhesive camouflage line named GEARSKIN™ in February 2016 after winning the best innovative concept award in a competition of 660 applicants held by UniCredit ZABA with the biggest prize pool at such competitions in Croatia at the moment. We produced proof of concept series and first full scale industrial production in 2016 exceeding all our business projections by 500%. First production batch was almost sold out entirely within 3 months. Currently there is a second, expanded batch in production offering much wider camouflage count and introducing some new sheet dimensions.

From the begining, GEARSKIN™ has undergone a very strenuous 2 years testing phase, improving it’s characteristics, through the analysis of an array of lab, heavy crash and field tests. By getting a huge number of precise data we were able to aim the development of GEARSKIN™ in the right direction and got an innovative self adhesive fabric with so many mind blowing properties that it’s application is almost limitless! It’s basic duty is protecting and camouflaging guns and military equipment, but the characteristics of the product make it suitable for a very wide use. Our product is entirely designed and manufactured in Europe using top quality ingredients, technology and knowledge.

All of the fabrics used in GEARSKIN™ production are Öeko-test certified (class II) and tested for harmful substances ensuring a 100% environment friendly and human safe products.

GEARSKIN™ easily adapts to curves, adheres to various surfaces and was tested in various field conditions. Some of the characteristics are water repellency, oil repellency, acid repellency, has an anti-soil treatment and resistance to wear and creasing. GEARSKIN™ eliminates the equipment glare effect , which further contributes to the daily / light cover-up and excellent NIR properties which enable efficient IR camouflage (night vision).

To sum it up, GEARSKIN™ is an innovative self-adhesive fabric with outstanding features compliant with the high military standards therefore GEARSKIN™ is the most versatile self adhesive high-tech fabric available on the worldwide market. GEARSKIN™ offers users to create a personalized solution for each individual specific situation.

Find out more about GEARSKIN™ at


Contact: Ivan Karol
Rasa ltd CEO, GEARSKIN™ inventor

Tel. +385 98 84 61 33

Date: 15.02.2017.


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